Lease Return Center

Lease Return Center

Lease Options

You certainly know the benefits of taking to the road in style! When your lease has ended, though, you may not be ready to turn in the vehicle you love. Fortunately, there are a number of attractive lease-end options available, and our team at Land Rover South Shore will be happy to explain them.

When your lease has ended, you will be notified with an outline of your options, as well as a checklist to determine any wear or tear that extends beyond the lease terms. Our client advisors can help explain your lease-end options so you can make an informed choice.

Let’s start with the basics – what do you need when returning your lease to our Land Rover South Shore dealership?

  • Make sure you have all original keys
  • Completed and signed vehicle return notification form
  • Completed and signed odometer disclosure statement
  • Payment for any additional charges or penalties, if applicable

While you’re here, we’ll go over the vehicle together to discuss any damage beyond wear and tear, and then choose which direction to proceed in:

Option 1:

Lease or Finance a New Vehicle

If you are not ready to turn in your vehicle and want to drive your vehicle long term, simply schedule an reservation with our service advisors and finance team to determine eligibility. The team at our Land Rover South Shore will schedule an inspection of the vehicle before the lease-end and begin processing paperwork for you to purchase your vehicle at lease-end.

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Option 2:

Extend my Lease

You also have the option to extend your lease and purchase additional miles before the lease matures. This option may vary by model and lease terms. It’s best to contact the team at Land Rover South Shore well before lease-end to determine if this lease option is best for you.

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Option 3:

Purchase my Lease

One of the most impressive perks of a lease is that you can simply turn over the keys at lease-end and upgrade to a newer model. We continuously upgrades the technology, engine options and off-road capabilities of our vehicles, so you have high-end choices when considering a new lease. Simply contact the team at Land Rover South Shore to schedule a test drive of our latest models, including the Defender, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport or Ranger Rover Velar.

The team at our Land Rover South Shore is eager to showcase the enhanced technology, safety features and cabin upgrades available within our inventory of new and used vehicles for sale or lease. Contact us approximately 90 to 120 days before lease end to schedule an inspection of your current leased and test drive a new model.

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Option 4:

Return my Leased

If you’re not interested in any of these options, we will guide you through the process of turning in your vehicle at lease-end. You will be asked to return the keys, accessories and manuals that were presented at the beginning of the car lease. Our service technicians will inspect the vehicle for excess wear and tear and promptly terminate the lease. Make sure that you bring all paperwork with you at lease-end, and take time to browse the impressive collection of models available.

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Our team at Land Rover South Shore is committed to your satisfaction. That’s why we offer plenty of lease-end options. Stop in today to learn more about extending a lease, purchasing a new Land Rover, or terminating a car lease. We look forward to providing you with the excellent customer service that Land Rover South Shore is known for – as well as the opportunity to check out the wide and selection of premium, high-end vehicles at our dealership.

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