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If you're like most drivers in the Crown Point, IN, area - you want your SUV to be tech-savvy. From entertainment, safety, and connectivity features, the entire Land Rover lineup struts its ever-advancing technology to make your daily driving easier and with a little more adventure. If you're researching and comparing Land Rover with other models, you should continue reading to learn how Land Rover is among the most technologically advanced SUVs you can buy today. Any tech enthusiast will love that easy access to information is just a fingertip away from its vast infotainment features to its touchscreen display.


Technology You Can Control

When you purchase a Land Rover, we can almost guarantee that you will get hooked on our InControl® technology! Every new Land Rover model has been upgraded to include the InControl® Touch Pro™, a 10-inch screen that ensures everyone riding can view the information they need. Many older models are equipped with InControl®, too.  The InControl® touchscreen allows you to access functions like climate control, music, navigation, and monitor performance. You can customize your touchscreen to your personal preferences so that your vehicle will be able to identify you through your key fob or phone!


Stay Connected

If you want to stay connected with your Land Rover at all times, you'll enjoy the InControl Remote™.  Through a smartphone app, you can control your vehicle's climate, lock and unlock the doors, start the car, and more from anywhere in the world! You can even access the stolen vehicle locator and access maintenance reports. 


Navigate Smarter

For drivers who need a little help with directions, the Land Rover Connected Navigation feature is your co-pilot! With this feature, you can get real-time traffic reports, quickest route options, weather alerts, and door-to-door help along your way in both satellite and street views.

Integrate Apps

Have a love for apps? You don't need to leave them underutilized in your Land Rover. Download the InControl Apps™, and integrate apps on your Land Rover's touchscreen to access your favorite song, navigation features, calendars, and more.

Fix Wi-Fi Dead Spots  

If you work on the road or have a family that needs the internet on a road trip, you'll need a Wi-Fi Hotspot. That's precisely where InControl Wi-Fi™ comes in. This powerful feature provides a Hotspot for in-vehicle internet access for up to eight devices simultaneously.


Stay Protected

If you're a driver that knows the most precious cargo you carry is your passengers, take advantage of the InControl Protect™. This feature allows you to get instant access to Roadside Assistance or first responders should the unexpected happen.

Some of the additional safety features all Land Rover models come equipped with include:


·        Adaptive Cruise Control - Keep your vehicle going while monitoring cars around you. If a collision is detected, your brakes will engage for you.

·        Lane Keep Assist Assist - It's easy to get distracted while driving. Lane Keep Assist ensures that you stay in the middle of your lane by gently nudging you back to the center if you drift out.

·        Parking Aids - Acting as additional eyes for you, Parking Aid cameras help you navigate parking spots and lots more quickly.

·        Blind Spot Monitor - If anything rapidly approaches your Land Rover's blind spot, a flashing icon in the appropriate side mirror will alert you.

It's time for you to experience the difference at Land Rover South Shore! We promise our team will make you and your family comfortable and wanting to come back. Shop online to view our incredible new lineup and pre-owned inventory. Or, visit us to see which model fits your lifestyle best in person. We're conveniently located at 5781 Lincoln Highway in Crown Point, IN. We can't wait to see you soon!